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研究生(外文):Hu, Kent Yuan
論文名稱:香港移民美國者的身分認同 – 以波士頓大區爲例 (2008-2018)
論文名稱(外文):A Study on Identity Issues Amongst Hong Kong Immigrants in the Greater Boston Area (2008-2018)
指導教授(外文):Yang, Tsung-rong Edwin
外文關鍵詞:Hong KongeseHong Kongese immigrantsImmigrationIdentityGreater Boston Area
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隨著香港與中國政府的緊張關係持續增加,「香港人」(Hong Konger及Hong Kongese)這名詞在香港越來越常見,強調自身的特殊性。除了此外,「香港人」這詞的用法也用來將中國內地居人和香港居民區隔開來。雖然使用這個名詞在香港備受歡迎,並不是所有人都能夠接受這樣的稱呼。本研究針對2008年至2018年移民到美國波士頓大區的香港移民,調查他們的身分認同。研究者探索了相關的社會及政治因素,從「香港人」的角度來判斷「香港人」這個詞彙對於所謂的香港獨立運動有何影響力。
本論文的研究問題有三:第一個研究問題是在美國波士頓大區近期的香港移民是怎麼看待自己的身分認同?他們認爲自己是「香港人」、「香港華人」、還是「中國人」?這十年在香港所發生的事對他們有甚麼樣的影響?第二,上述香港移民選擇某種稱呼的因素是甚麼? 第三個問題,波士頓大區的「香港人」身分,對於香港獨立運動是否有影響?
With increasing tensions between the people of Hong Kong and the government of PRC, the terms Hong Kongese and Hong Konger have gained traction in recent years as a means of cementing an identity different than their counterparts living in the PRC. However, while these terms have grown in usage in Hong Kong, this usage may not necessarily echo throughout the Hong Kong diaspora. As a result, this work focuses on examining the Hong Kong diaspora in the United States and their views on their identity as individuals from Hong Kong, in particular, those who emigrated between 2008 and 2018 and now reside in the Greater Boston area. In addition, this study aims to examine various socio-political factors may have influenced their identity, and in turn, in what ways does the role of the “Hong Kongese/Hong Konger” factor into the Hong Kong Independence Movement, and whether said identity brings any consequences.
In this paper, the author’s objective is to address three main questions: 1) How do recent Hong Kong immigrants in the Greater Boston area identify (Hong Kongese/Hong Konger, Hong Kong-Chinese, or Chinese), especially with the recent events that have taken place within the last decade? 2) What factors do they believe, have influenced their decision on their identity? 3) What influence does the existence of a “Hong Kongese/Hong Konger” identity play into the Hong Kong Independence Movement, if any? If so, how does the Hong Kong diaspora in the Greater Boston area view this?
This study will also be examining the respondents’ answers using Horse’s Model for Native American Identity Development as well as Durkheim’s collective représentations and collective effervescence to better understand how and why the participants came to identify the way they do, and in part, how that may affect the overall identity of the Hong Kong diaspora in the Greater Boston area.
Table of Content
Acknowledgements (English/Chinese) v
Abstract (English) vii
Abstract (Chinese) viii
Summary of Thesis (Chinese) ix

Chapter 1: Introduction 1
Section 1.1 – Study Background 2
Section 1.2 – Purpose and Significance of Study 3
Section 1.3 – Thesis Questions and Research Origin 6
Section 1.4 – Central Theory 8
Section 1.5 – Study Outline 10

Chapter 2: Literature Review 11
Section 2.1 – Hong Kong’s History 11
Section 2.1.1 – The Birth of Hong Kong 12
Section 2.1.2 – 1949: Rise of the PRC 13
Section 2.1.3 – 1997: The Return 16
Section 2.1.4 – 2010 to Present: Modern Hong Kong 17
Section 2.2 – The History of the Hong Kong Identity 20
Section 2.3 – Behind the Hong Kongese Identity 23
Section 2.4 – The Greater Boston Area 26
Section 2.5 – Hong Kong: Social and National Identity Development 29
Section 2.5.1 – Collective Effervescence 29
Section 2.5.2 – Représentations Collectives 31
Section 2.5.3 – Identifying Hong Kong’s Identity 32

Chapter 3: Research Methodology 34
Section 3.1 – Research Method 34
Section 3.2 – Research Participants 35
Section 3.3 – Research Parameter 35
Section 3.4 – Research Time Frame 36

Chapter 4: Research Findings and Discussion 37
Section 4.1 – Findings 38
Section 4.1.1 – Participant A 38
Section 4.1.2 – Participant B 40
Section 4.1.3 – Participant C 42
Section 4.1.4 – Participant D 44
Section 4.1.5 – Participant E 46
Section 4.1.6 – Participant F 48
Section 4.1.7 – Participant G 51
Section 4.2 – Analysis and Discussion 53
Section 4.2.1 – Defining the Hong Kongese Identity 53
Section 4.2.2 – Hong Kongese, Not Chinese 55
Section 4.2.3 – Propensity for Travel 57
Section 4.2.4 – Language and Prestige 58
Section 4.2.5 – Differing Histories 60
Section 4.2.6 – Localised Concerns 62
Section 4.3 – Hong Kongese and Boston 64

Chapter 5: Discussion on Aspects of the Hong Kong Identity 66
Section 5.1 – History 66
Section 5.2 – Politics and Law 73
Section 5.3 – Society and Culture 78
Section 5.4 – Language 83

Chapter 6: Conclusion 89
Section 6.1 – Conclusion 89
Section 6.2 – Reflection 94
Section 6.3 – Future Research 95

References 96

Appendices 102
Appendix A 102
Appendix B 103
Appendix C 106
Appendix D 108
Appendix E 116
Appendix F 118
Appendix G 121
Appendix H 128
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