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研究生(外文):Hsin-Yun WANG
論文名稱(外文):Influence of nutrition among elderly people with sarcopenia
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People worldwide are living longer. All countries face major challenges leading by aging and one of these challenges is sarcopenia. Sarcopenia, defined as the loss of skeletal muscle mass and physical function that occurs with aging, increased the risk of physical disabilities, falls and mortality in the elderly. The aim of this report is to figure out an ideal solution to improve body performance among elderly people with sarcopenia to decrease the impact of sarcopenia. Recent studies showed high-quality protein with exercise training may increase muscle mass and muscle strength in elderly people. The implementation was the proposal of a clinical trial to examine the effect of exercise and protein supplement on muscle mass and physical functions in elderly people with sarcopenia. The anticipated results were participants who will receive protein supplement will have extra muscle mass gain or further improvement on muscle strength compared with exercise alone group. By further researches about the influence of nutrition among elderly people with sarcopenia, people may conclude a readily available means to prevent the occurrence of sarcopenia, which is an increasing morbidity burden for a rapidly aging society and to decrease the personal, social and economic burdens due to sarcopenia.
誌謝 1
摘要 2
Abstract 3
1. General Background and Aims 4
2. Details of Implementation 8
2.1. Learning achievements 8
2.2. The proposal of the effect of exercise and protein supplement on muscle mass, muscle strength, and physical functions in elderly people with sarcopenia: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial 9
2.2.1. Introduction 9
2.2.2. Methods 11
2.2.3. Anticipated results 15
3. General Consideration and Outlook 22
References 23
APPENDIX 1: 3-Day Food Intake Record 26
APPENDIX 2: Short Physical Performance Battery Protocol and Score Sheet 34
APPENDIX 3: SF-36 Questionnaire 42
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