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研究生(外文):LI, ZETONG
論文名稱(外文):Study on the Mortality Rate of Elderly Movers/Non-Movers in Taiwan
指導教授(外文):LEONG, YINYEE
外文關鍵詞:Population movementOdds ratioMortality
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因人口流動本身難以被記錄,而戶籍變化既難以反映人口流動又不具有及時性。因此本文采用健保高齡人口資料庫來評估人口流動與死亡率,通過分析勝算比(odds ratio)來比較流動人口與非流動人口區別。研究發現不同性別人口死亡率差異不明顯。而年齡差異隨年齡上升逐漸減弱。台灣縣市以醫療機構級別與多寡分為幾個生活圈,邊緣縣市居民向中心流動。中心縣市因大量人口流入死亡風險也隨之上升。縣市中宜蘭,嘉義,臺南,臺東四地較特殊,而其中宜蘭最特殊。這四縣市流入人口與流出人口之間死亡率風險差異極大,宜蘭的流入人口死亡率風險遙遙領先。

Population movement and migration are important demographic phenomena. At present, domestic and foreign related studies are mainly based on population migration, but population migration may not represent movement. Movement is defined more broadly than migration, and therefore occurs more frequently and in greater quantities. The changes in population structure brought by population movement are very rapid. Since a large number of population movement can change the age structure of a certain place in a short period of time, this paper intends to study the impact of elderly population movement on mortality in Taiwan by analyzing the medical treatment behavior of elderly population in Taiwan, and to discuss what characteristics are worth studying and discussing.
The population movement itself is difficult to be recorded, and the change of household registration is difficult to reflect the population movement and does not have timeliness. Therefore, this paper used the National Health Insurance Elderly Population Database to evaluate population mobility and mortality and compared the difference between movers and non-movers by analyzing the odds ratio. The study found that there was no significant difference in mortality rates between different genders. However, the age difference decreases gradually with age. Taiwan's counties and cities are divided into several living circles according to the level and number of medical institutions, and residents from the edge counties and cities flow to the center. The risk of death increases in central counties due to a large influx of people. Yilan, Chiayi, Tainan and Taitung are the four most special counties, among which Yilan is the most special. The mortality risk of the inflow population and outflow population in these four counties and cities varies greatly, and the mortality risk of the inflow population in Yilan is far ahead.

Chapter One:Introduction 10
1.1:Research Motivation and Purpose 10
1.2 Significance of the Research 16
Chapter Two:Literature Review 21
2.1: The influence of various factors on the mortality rate of the migrant population 21
2.2:Characteristics of Taiwan Native Migrant Population 28
Chapter Three:Research Method and Model Setting 34
3.1: Introduction to National Health Insurance Research Database 34
3.2: Permanent Resident Population 38
3.3: The Criteria for Determining Death 42
Chapter Four:Results Analysis 44
4.1: Analysis of Population Movement 44
4.2: Mortality Risk Research 48
Chapter Five: Conclusion 60
5.1: Conclusion 60
5.2: Insurance Applications 61
References 63
Figure 1 Emigrate Populations 44
Figure 2 Immigrate Populations 44
Figure 3 Heatmap of Migrations 46
Figure 4 Heatmap of Mortality Risk 52
Figure 5 Odds Ratio of Counties and Cities 53
Figure 6 Odds Ratio of the Outflow Populations 55
Figure 7 Odds Ratio of the Inflow populations 56
Table 1 Overall Odds Ratio 48
Table 2 Odds Ratio in Different Ages 50
Table 3 Odds Ratio of Municipality/Non-Municipality 57



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