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論文名稱(外文):Research on Pet Service Market Innovation
外文關鍵詞:Intelligent medical institutionIntelligent medical caremedical humanresource managment
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臺灣的寵物店、寵物美容與動物醫院家數逐年增加,就以目前飼養最大宗的寵物犬貓來看,根據調查顯示,其飼養數量已達 160 萬餘隻,並且初估臺灣每年約有新臺幣 200 億元以上產值。蓬勃發展的寵物產業提供了許多創新和高規格的服務,也希望透過這次研究能了解開發更多寵物市場創新服務和不一樣的思維。

The importance and role of pets in the minds of modern people is very different from the past. The previous breeding motives are mostly focused on functional use. As the relationship between pets and owners becomes more closely, the provision of various pet products and services is provided. The pet industry is also expanding in demand. The pet industry covers a wide range of pets, food, supplies, medical care, health care and services. All food, clothing, housing, travel, education and music that are extended by pets' daily life. Such life needs, even post-mortem treatment, belong to the pet industry, which is equivalent to the microcosm of the human industry. The market demand for the pet industry is also growing year by year, due to the changes in population structure and lifestyle, and the reorganization of interpersonal relationships and emotional relationships. Under the influence of factors such as minority birth and aging, there is a wave of pet breeding. Nearly a quarter of Taiwanese families have pets. This percentage is still increasing. The innovative pet industry provides new products and services. Can bring a better quality of life to pets, so most pet owners are willing to follow the instructions of the veterinarian Willing to spend money on their pets.
The number of pet shops, pet grooming and animal hospitals in Taiwan has increased year by year. According to the survey, the number of breeding dogs and cats has reached more than 1.6 million, and it is estimated that Taiwan will have new ones each year. NT$ 20 billion in output value. The booming pet industry offers many innovative and high-standard services, and hopes to learn more about developing innovative services and different thinking in the pet market.
Keywords: pet industry, pet goods, pet market innovation
technology related expertise. The current state of health care, future trends, problems and challenges. After the results of the in-depth interviews and the analysis of the collected data, I hope to have a more complete analysis of medical human resources improvement and some forward-looking suggestions for the development of smart medical institutions.

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Abstract III
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第一章 緒論 1
第一節 研究背景 1
第二節 研究動機 2
第三節 研究目的 3
第二章 文獻探討 4
第一節 家庭與社會結構的改變 4
第二節 寵物消費市場型態 6
第三節 寵物經濟創新服務之應用 8
第四節 寵物共生宅 13
第三章 研究設計與實施 15
第一節 深度訪談內容與方法 15
第二節 資料的分析方法 17
第三節 研究流程與架構 18
第四章 訪談資料分析 19
第一節 基本資料分析 19
第二節 訪談摘要與整理 20
第三節 服務創新的分析 28
第四節 寵物共生宅的創意連結 32
第五章 結論與建議 40
第一節 結論 40
第二節 建議 42
參考文獻 43





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