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研究生(外文):Kuo-Chen Wu
論文名稱(外文):Acute Myocardial Infarction Detection Using a 2-D Convolutional Neural Network on ECG
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急性心肌梗塞(Acute myocardial infarction,AMI),是一種嚴重的心臟狀態,梗塞的主要原因是因為部分心肌的血液循環突然中斷,造成心肌無法獲得足夠的氧氣及營養,嚴重時會引起心肌壞死而影響心臟功能,甚至危及患者的生命,心肌梗塞通常是冠狀動脈疾病所引起,造成動脈粥樣硬化斑塊破裂引起血管阻塞,有些檢查有助於心肌梗塞的診斷,像是心電圖(ECG)、驗血、冠狀動脈造影等,其中心電圖記錄心臟跳動時心肌的電位變化,透過觀察電位的異常變化可偵測不同型態的心肌梗塞。
本研究應用人工智慧影像分析技術對心電圖進行分析以偵測心肌梗塞的發生,影像分析技術的核心是基於殘差網路(ResNet)發展,並且針對心電圖的影像特性改良原始架構中的殘差區塊,在改良的方法中通過Xavier初始化來平衡所有卷積濾波器的梯度尺度的大小,權值進行隨機初始化,同時使用正則化(batch normalization)來減小過擬合問題的影響,並且調整一般將正則化放在卷積層後與激活函數前位置做法,改將正則化延遲到激活函數後執行。


Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) is anacute and severe state of the heart. The main cause of infarction is the suddeninterruption of blood circulation in the myocardia, disabling them to obtainsufficient oxygen and nutrition.
In severe cases, AMI may affect the heart functiondue to myocardial necrosis, and even endanger the lives of patients.
One of the most common causes of AMI is coronary artery diseases, in which atheroscleroticplaque rupture leads to blockage of some blood vessels. Many examinations help to diagnose AMI, such as electrocardiograms (ECG), blood tests,coronary angiography, etc. Electrocardiograms record the electric potentials of the heart and can identify different types of AMI by observing the abnormal changes.
This study uses artificial intelligence image analysis techniques to analyze the electrocardiograms for the detection of the occurrence of AMI. The core of this image analysis technique is based on the development of the residual networks (ResNet). Also, the residual blocks in the original model architecture are improved based on the image characteristics of the electrocardiograms.
12-lead electrocardiogram images were analyzed in this study, 99 of which were normal and 99 had AMI. After preprocessing and 10-fold cross-validation, model training was performed. The final results showed that the test set accuracy was 100%.
The improved ResNet designed in this study also achieved lower error during training. Clinically, the patient’s medical history, electrocardiogram,and blood test are required to confirm the diagnosis of AMI.
The experience of the physician plays a key role in the correct interpretation of clinical data.However, AMI usually occurs suddenly, causing a lack of time and resource for a complete diagnosis.
By analyzing electrocardiograms with artificial intelligence techniques, this study provides a way to predict the occurrence of AMI efficiently,and help physicians make clinical diagnoses and give patients appropriate treatment promptly.
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2.1卷積神經網路(Convolutional Neural Network) 7
2.2 殘差神經網路(Residual Network) 8
2.2.1關於殘差模塊(residual block) 11
2.2.2 恆等對映(Identity Mapping) 改進 13
2.3二維卷積神經網絡進行心電圖心律不整分類 16
2.3.1 資料預處理 16
2.3.2 圖像類別 17
2.3.3 分類器模型選擇 18
2.4 熱力圖 23
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