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研究生(外文):Vadim Rubin
論文名稱(外文):The Representation of China Through Western Media: Misconstruction of Culture
指導教授(外文):Ken-fang Lee
外文關鍵詞:cultural representationcultural turncultural translationtranslationnews translationChina US relationsUS China trade war
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This research examines the impact translation plays within Western news media sources in the formation of perspective, specifically the perception of China and Chinese culture. For the past century, as the English language has become the dominant form of global communication, as American culture – since the end of World War I – continues to tactfully weave its way through the fabric of global cultures, we are now seeing a resurgence of what Edward Said famously coined in his 1978 publication as ‘Orientalism’: the habitual condescending attitude of Western countries toward Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African societies and cultures. The United States and United Kingdom created a historic precedent during the late 19th century and early 20th century of forcing China into a periphery position – into the subject of ‘Other’ for the purpose of exploitation. Jumping forward to present day in which China has become one of the largest economies in the world, we see difficulty in Western countries to cope with a once second world nation rising to power. The use of media during these times aids in the creation of a China which solely serves the interests of Western countries. The former part of this thesis will provide the reader with the historical precedent in which Western countries have demonized China. The latter portion of the essay will examine English and Chinese information circulated amongst the variety of 21st century media sources concerning events that have transpired from late 2018 to present day, including: US-China Trade War, Hong Kong extradition bill, and the voracious COVID – 19 pandemic.
Abstract 2

摘要 3

Chapter One: Introduction 4

Chapter Two: Theory, Literature Review, and Purpose 12

Theories 12

Literature Review 19

Purpose and Importance 25

Research Methods 30

Chapter Three: China’s History and Western Media Perspectives 34

Chapter Four: Manipulated in Translation 51

Pre- and Early 2018 Media Depictions 53

Late-2018 to Mid-2020 Media Depictions 65

Chapter Five: Conclusion 82

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