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論文名稱(外文):The Study of the Key Factors Affecting Consumers to choose Facial Care Products- Using AHP Method
外文關鍵詞:Facial care productsKey factorsAHP
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本研究先透過文獻探討,建立影響年輕消費者購買保養產品之AHP層級架構,有4 個關鍵構面及19 項因素。接著,設計問卷並做消費者問卷調查。根據64 份之有效問卷,分析得出4 個構面重要性排序依序為:功能,產品,通路和行銷。而19 個關鍵因素的前四名依序為:安全性,保濕,價格和淨白。最後一名則為代言人。最後,本研究根據研究結果,提供建議給保養產品業者在開發保養產品時,能在產品研發的掌控上,更貼近消費者需求,以增加消費者對於商品的購買意願及信心。

In order to get the emperor's pampering, emperor’s concubines are very attention to the maintenance of their bodies, to make their own "face white as snow, and body white as light". There was a book, "new edition of the use of herbs", compiled in Wu Zetian period. A paper in this book, called "Empress how to refine her face", which recorded the secret methods of Wu Zetian’s skin maintenance. Therefore, the motivation for this study is to understand what are the key factors in consumers buying facial moisturizing products.
This study first explores the AHP hierarchy structure that influences young consumers to purchase facial moisturizing products, with four key dimensions and 19 factors. Next, we design the questionnaire and do the consumer survey. Based on 64 valid questionnaires, this study finds the rank of four dimensions in importance are “function”, “product”, “channel”, and “marketing”. The top four important factors in order are: “safety”, “moisturizing”, “price”, and “whitening”. The least important one is the “spokesman”. Finally, based on the results of questionnaires, this study provides recommendations to face moisturizing manufacturing companies in the development of facial moisturizing products, and they should develop their products to meet consumer requirements in order to increase consumers' willingness and confidence when purchasing goods.
Keywords: Facial care products, Key factors, AHP

摘要 i
Abstract ii
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圖目錄 v
第一章 緒論 1
1.1背景動機 1
1.2 研究目的 7
1.3 研究流程 8
第二章文獻回顧 9
第三章 研究方法 33
3.1 基本目的與假設 33
3.2 AHP的基本進行步驟 35
第四章 問卷結果分析 42
4.1 消費者背景分析 42
4.2 構面權重之計算 49
4.3 構面排序結果與分析 51
4.4 關鍵因素整體排序與分析 53
4.5 男性、女性受訪間分群分析 58
4.6男性和女性使用者以Spearman等級相關檢定法比較 72
第五章 結論與建議 74
5.1 研究結論 74
5.2 對保養產品業者的建議 74
5.3 研究限制與未來研究方向 75
參考文獻 77
附錄 85

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