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論文名稱(外文):Analysis of Quality Control on Product Defect in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
指導教授(外文):HSU, BI-MIN
外文關鍵詞:Quality controlQuality improvementBreadFishbone diagram
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這項研究中的樣品是有缺陷的麵包產品,該缺陷的資料蒐集於2019年1月至2019年12月期間發生在Bustam Bakery的每種麵包。這種麵包在高溫退火與緊縮的過程中,如果尺寸過小就會破裂。本研究中的數據使用檢核表,柏拉圖,管制圖和因果圖(魚骨圖)品質管制工具。根據柏拉圖,我們可以認識到緊縮是生產過程中缺陷發生的最大原因。影響緊縮的因素為靜止期不是在最佳的時機點,而且有時候所使用的酵母品質不佳。影響燒焦的因素是烤箱溫度過高,在烘烤過程中,工人的注意力減少,或是注意力不夠集中。影響燒焦的最後一個因素是烘烤過程的時間太長。而影響尺寸太小的因素是比例不正確,並且工人在分割麵團時沒有集中精力

Quality control has an important role to improve business competitiveness by entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Through a quality control process, bakery owners can also control or reduce product defects to maximize company productivity. The objective of this research is to analyze the level of product disability, identify the defect factors in the bread production process at Bustam Bakery that occurred during 2019, and find the best solution for Bustam bakery to continuously improve product quality. Samples in this research is a product defects that happens in each bread at Bustam Bakery during January until December 2019. The Bread can be said that it is broken when there is a defect, burnt, deflated, and the size too small. Data Processing in this research done by using check sheet, Pareto Chart, Control Chart, and diagram cause and effect (Fish-bone diagram). Based on Pareto chart, we can recognize that deflated is the highest defects that occur during production. The factors that influence deflated is the resting period is not optimal and the quality of the yeast used is sometimes less than optimal. The factors that influence burnt is the oven temperature is too high, the workers pay less attention and lack of focus during the baking process. The last factor that influence burnt is the baking process which is sometimes too long from the time it should be. The factors that influence size too small is inaccurate scales and the workers not focus during dividing the dough.
Abstract i
摘要 ii
Acknowledgment iii
Table of Content iv
List of Figure vi
List of Tables vii
I. Introduction
1.1 Research Background 1
1.2 Formulation of The Problem 3
1.3 Research Purpose 3
1.4 Research Structure 3
II. Literature Review
2.1 Quality Control 4
2.2 Statistical Process Control 6
2.3 Quality Tools 7
2.3.1 Check Sheet 8
2.3.2 Pareto Chart 8
2.3.3 Control Chart 9
2.3.4 Cause-and-effect Diagram 11
2.4 Defect 12
2.5 Bread Production 13
2.6 Bakery 14
2.7 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) 15
III. Research Methodology
3.1 Research Design 17
3.2 Population and Sample 17
3.3 Type and Resource of Data 17
3.3 Data Analyze Method 17
IV. Results and Discussion
4.1 Bakery Discription 20
4.2 Bakery Discription 21
4.3 Checksheet 28
4.4 Pareto Chart 30
4.5 Control Chart 32
4.6 Cause-and-Effect Diagram 35
4.7 Discussion 38
V. Conclusions and Recommendations
5.1 Conclusions 41
5.2 Recommendations 41

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