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論文名稱(外文):The Design of Head Up Display with Flat-plate Waveguide Based on Holographic Optical Element
指導教授(外文):Su, Wei-Chia
口試委員(外文):Su, Wei-ChiaLiu, Jung-PingPan, Jui-Wen
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本文講述使用全像光學波導元件製做成的抬頭顯示系統(Head Up Display,簡稱HUD),在本文的系統使用單色空間光用來製作輸入端光柵,再利用相同的拍攝方式製做兩片輸出端光柵,將三片全像光學元件(Holographic Optical Element,HOE)貼於波導元件的情況下,並結合找尋到跟相似於模擬的市售鏡頭以及現有的投影機投影出的單色的影像作為輸入端影像,可在輸出端的顯示中通過出射光瞳擴展器(EPE,Exit pupil expander)原理看到大角度的視角(Field of View, FOV),此系統可改善傳統HUD系統的大小問題,讓使用者能更加舒適的使用,此系統對於維修方面也較容易維修。
This article describes a head up display system (HUD) made by using holographic optical waveguide elements. In this article, the system uses monochromatic spatial light to make the input grating, and then uses the same shooting method to make two pieces The grating at the output end, when three holographic optical elements (HOE) are attached to the waveguide element, and combined to find a commercially available lens similar to the analog and the monochrome image projected by the existing projector As an input image, a large field of view (FOV) can be seen through the exit pupil expander (EPE,Exit pupil expander) principle in the display at the output end. This system can improve the size problem of the traditional HUD system, allowing users to More comfortable to use, this system is also easier to repair in terms of maintenance.
The experimental result of this research is to hang the whole system at the position of the sun visor for drivers in vehicles so that the distance between the user's eyes and the waveguide is 200mm, and it has the large FOV effect of EPE. The system finally measures the horizontal direction. The FOV is 13.86° and the vertical FOV is 3.25°, which can be used in vehicles AR technology.
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參考文獻 49
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