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研究生(外文):LIN, TAI-JI
論文名稱(外文):A Study on On-line Agile Development Technology with Video Software
指導教授(外文):WANG, LUNG-JEN
中文關鍵詞:視訊系統敏捷開發Microsoft Teams
外文關鍵詞:Agile developmentVideo softwareMicrosoft Teams
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  本論文以Microsoft Teams視訊軟體為範例,探討線上敏捷開發的技術與應用。由於在傳統會議上常發生討論時間過於冗長,造成非常耗時與耗人力的問題,因而使得線上會議便漸漸變成為主流方式,但是在線上會議上要如何有效率的討論一個專案內容,便需要結合敏捷式方法來進行,讓一場會議能即時和團隊每個人清楚的了解討論的內容及進度。
  With the progress of science and technology, the fast development of internet and the change of society, more and more video software has appeared, so that users do not know how to distinguish choose to do, so many channels of communication, the meeting is in the main channels of communication, the way the current discussion is the main inter-regional network video conferencing.Because COVID-19 in 2020 year, the outbreak has led many people facing difficulties at home, at work, thus making it popular video conferencing software, major software company launched a variety of videoconferencing software, but also make information security is facing enormous challenges, therefore this thesis as a research topic for the video software.
  This thesis uses Microsoft Teams video software to discuss the application of agile development technology. In traditional meetings, the discussion time is too long, very time-consuming and labor-intensive, so on-line meetings gradually become the mainstream, but how to effectively discuss a project content in a meeting must be combined the agile method allows a meeting to immediately and everyone in the team know the goal clearly. This thesis explores the analysis of agile technology in project development.
誌謝 I
摘要 II
Abstract III
目錄 IV
圖目錄 V
表目錄 VII

第一章 緒論 1
 1.1 研究背景 1
 1.2 研究動機與目的 2
 1.3 研究架構與流程 3
第二章 相關技術與文獻探討 5
 2.1 會議之意涵 5
 2.2 敏捷開發技術發展沿革 8
 2.3 敏捷軟體開發方法 14
第三章 視訊系統探討 17
 3.1 視訊軟體概況 17
 3.2 視訊軟體介紹 17
 3.3 視訊會議軟體之分析 21
第四章 敏捷開發應用於視訊系統 25
 4.1 Microsoft Teams的應用實例 25
 4.2 Microsoft Teams操作說明 27
 4.3 專案開發與分析 35
 4.4 成果評估 46
第五章 結論與建議 53
 5.1 研究結論 53
 5.2 未來建議 54
參考文獻 55
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