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研究生(外文):ZHONG, JIA-HE
論文名稱(外文):An Antenna Sensor To Identify Limb Motion
指導教授(外文):SU, CHUN-HSI
外文關鍵詞:SensorDipole antennaAngle Recognition
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Correct rehabilitation exercises are very important for stroke patients with partial neurological loss. This article proposes an antenna sensor, which is based on a dipole antenna and is mainly used to sense the bending angle of the joint. The experimental measurement with a self-made elbow joint fixture shows that the bending angle can be recognized very well, indicating that this method can be used in the application of prosthetics. Finally, the elbow joints, shoulder joints, and knee joints of the human body were measured for bending, and several continuous dynamic actions were designed to verify the validity of the measured benchmark values. The measurement result of the bending angle of the elbow joint shows that the bending angle can be recognized from 0 (°) to 90 (°), and the angle recognition rate is 15 (°). The measurement results of shoulder joint bending indicate that it is possible to distinguish between flat raises and hand-raising movements. To improve the accuracy and rehabilitation efficiency, you can wear better-fitting clothes and look for reference objects for measurement. The results of knee joint bending show that the use of two sets of antenna sensors and receiving antennas with different resonance frequencies can recognize the movements of standing up and sitting, while the movements of raising the legs in place will interfere with each other and the left and right feet cannot be distinguished.
中文摘要 I
英文摘要 II
致謝 IV
表目錄 VI
圖目錄 VII
第一章 序論 1
1.1 前言 1
1.2 研究動機 2
1.3 研究大綱 3
第二章 原理與相關研究 4
2.1 偶極天線 4
2.2 環形天線 7
2.3 降低共振頻率 9
2.4 阻抗匹配 12
2.5 天線感測器用於人體動作檢測相關研究 14
第三章 實驗 17
3.1 頻段選擇 17
3.2 天線感測器與接收天線設計 17
3.3 實驗架構 20
3.4 天線感測器輻射場變化分析 21
第四章 實驗與結果 23
4.1 接收距離與天線感測器性能 23
4.2 治具彎曲角度量測 24
4.3 人體關節彎曲測量 28
4.2.1 手肘關節彎曲測量 28
4.2.2 肩膀關節彎曲測量 31
4.2.3 膝蓋關節彎曲測量 33
第五章 結論 37
未來展望 38
參考文獻 39

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