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論文名稱(外文):Patch-based Skin Defect Identification Method for Fruit Grading
指導教授(外文):YEH, I-CHENG
外文關鍵詞:Patch-based image classificationObject detection and classificationFeature engineering
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Nowadays, there are many different industries and life situations where the introduction of technologies related to artificial intelligence and image recognition can reduce labor and time to improve the speed and reliability of decision making. In this study, we propose a patch-based training approach. We use mangoes as our primary dataset, which can be classified into three classes according to their appearance quality and five types of defects of different degrees. In this thesis, we propose a patch-based classification method to identify and classify the defects of mangoes, which is different from other research results that directly use the whole picture as input to a convolutional neural network. We first use clustering to divide the mango into several superpixels as patches of mango, and we can further process these patches to obtain some statistical features, such as the proportion of defective parts on the surface, representative color, average color, etc. We use a knowledge distillation-based neural network framework for five types of mango defects classification training to obtain the target defect proportion. Finally, we can use these simple statistical feature vectors for image classification. According to the experimental results on the mango dataset, the statistical feature vector proposed in this paper can be used to predict the mango grade with a certain degree of accuracy. If we further combine proposed statistical feature vectors with the traditional color features extracted from the ResNet50 network, the predictive power of the trained model can also be improved. It is expected that this method can be applied not only to mangoes but also to bread, other fruits, or medical images, where the shape and structure of objects are not regular.

Keywords: Patch-based image classification, Object detection and classification, Feature engineering
書名頁 i
論文口試委員審定書 ii
摘要 iii
誌謝 v
目錄 vi
圖目錄 viii
表目錄 x
第一章、緒論 1
1.1 研究背景與動機 1
1.2 章節概要 3
第二章、文獻研究 4
2.1 物件偵測 4
2.2 區塊化影像辨識 5
2.3 知識蒸餾 6
2.4 商品辨識 8
2.5 水果辨識 9
第三章、方法 11
3.1 資料集簡介 11
3.2 研究方法概覽 11
3.3 資料前處理 12
3.3.1 三分類資料集的建立過程 13
(1)取得顯著圖(Saliency Map) 13
(2)物件區塊化 13
(3)圖像修復 14
(4)好壞區塊重新分類 16
3.3.2 六分類資料集建立過程與分類器訓練 16
3.4 芒果等級預測 19
第四章、驗證 22
4.1 實驗規劃 22
4.2 實驗步驟 22
(1)單一簡易統計特徵測試 22
(2)代表色數量交叉測試 23
(3)特徵提取網路測試 24
(4)簡易統計特徵與ResNet50特徵結合測試 25
4.3 實驗結果與討論 27
第五章、結論 28
參考文獻 29

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