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研究生(外文):Huang, Yi-Ching
論文名稱:「超頻感官」- 聽嗅聯覺療癒體驗之創作
論文名稱(外文):“Overclocking Senses” - The Creation of Auditory-olfactory Synesthesia Relaxing Experience
指導教授(外文):Lin, Hsuan-Cheng
口試委員(外文):Lin, Hsuan-ChengChen, Ming-TurnerHuang, Pi-ChunYang, Cin-Rong
外文關鍵詞:AuditoryOlfactorySynesthesiaRelaxationInteractive Installation
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本研究進行的創作「超頻感官(Overclocking Senses)」,利用科技藝術方式,迫使觀者除了被動式感知外界對身體產生的變化外,放慢對外界的感知,更主動式進一步地探索自我身體,其中創作的系列作品有兩件;第一件是大型體驗裝置,調和真正薰衣草作為主調、岩蘭草作為收尾,沉浸式體驗嗅覺與聽覺共感,第二件則是縮小尺幅,變成日常中的隨身裝置,輔助觀眾想像未來科技介入生活後,佩戴產品就有聲音轉化為氣味的能力。

With technology and social media development, people primarily rely on vision to relax and use other senses less, like watching short videos for the whole day, resulting in a sensory imbalance. So the study focused on developing a relaxed atmosphere without using eyes through the idea of auditory-olfactory virtual synesthesia. The study considered people who felt synesthesia innately, integrating the elements of hearing and smell, and made a series of creations and an exhibition.

The "Overclocking Senses" series has two artworks: a large-scale experience installation and a portable device. The sound of a large installation cooperated with Tsung-Ying Chen, using Gongs, Crystal Bowls, and other instruments. As for the smell, lavender was chosen as the leading tone and vetiver as the second tone. The installation emitted sound and smell slowly when the large installation detected the audience standing in the middle of the large ring. Another portable device designed for daily use. Through this tiny device, audiences can imagine a future in which technology will intervene in their lives, and they can transform sound into scent.

During the exhibition, many audiences responded that they felt relaxed inside the ring. However, audiences could not strongly feel the auditory-olfactory synesthesia ability. Other sensory details will be designed in future work to complement the auditory and olfactory experience, forcing the audiences to perceive the external world's changes to the body actively and explore the body's sensory balance.
摘要 I
表目錄 VII
圖目錄 VIII

第一章緒論 1
1.1創作以及研究背景與動機 1
1.2創作以及研究目的 2

第二章文獻探討與案例分析 3
2.1 聯覺 3
2.1.1聯覺的定義 3
2.1.2聯覺的種類 4
2.1.3 聽-嗅聯覺(Auditory-Olfactory Synesthesia) 5
2.1.4 聯覺與藝術 6
2.2療癒 7
2.2.1聲音與療癒 8
2.2.2氣味與療癒 9
2.2.3 多感官與療癒 12
2.3科技與放大感官 13
2.4聲音與氣味之相關作品分析 18

第三章研究方法與步驟 30
3.1研究架構 30
3.2 研究限制與範圍 31

第四章創作過程 32
4.1創作發展脈絡 32
4.1.1田野調查與體驗 32
4.1.2 理念闡述 42
4.2聲音與氣味之選擇 44
4.2.1療癒聲音選擇 44
4.2.2氣味選擇 46
4.3 裝置設計與技術 47
4.4製作過程 49
4.5展覽規劃設計與展出 56
4.6作品呈現與氛圍 59

第五章結論與建議 66
5.1 創作價值與結論 66

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