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論文名稱(外文):Porous Corundum by Ceramic Photo-polymerization Technology
外文關鍵詞:Vat Photopolymerizationcorundum,porous materialsceramic photopolymerizationceramic sinteringultravioletstereolithography.
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本研究主要的目的是以陶瓷光固化成型技術製備剛玉多孔材之配方與製程研究。使用剛玉粉體為起始原料,利用添加光引發劑的丙烯酸酯單體為載體,經過行星式高速球磨分散後,將前驅物使用波長405nm的UV光線進行光固化反應,得到的生胚樣品經過熱脫脂與高溫燒結後,可以得到剛玉多孔材。剛玉多孔材樣品分別使用掃描式電子顯微鏡(SEM)進行微結構分析、X繞射分析儀(XRD)進行結晶相分析、阿基米德法進行體密度之量測與孔隙率計算、以及滲透率測試等。在16%剛玉粉末比例中,1300℃孔隙率為28.89%、1400℃為28.16%、1500℃為26.44%;20%剛玉粉末比例中,1300℃孔隙率為28.62%、1400℃為21.24%、1500℃為20.53%。結果顯示固含量大於16 vol%的剛玉生胚經過600度的熱脫脂處理後可以保持樣品的原型,經過1300度以上燒結熱處理後可以得到多孔的剛玉樣品,達成本研究以陶瓷光固化技術製備剛玉多孔材的目的。
The main purpose of this research is to study the processes to prepare the porous corundum samples by a ceramic photopolymerization technology. The corundum powder as the starting material, and the photoinitiator-added acrylate monomer as the carrier, after mixed and dispersed by a planetary high-speed ball miller, the precursors were photo-cured by UV light with a wavelength of 405 nm, and the green compacts were obtained. After thermal debinding and high-temperature sintering, the porous corundum samples can be obtained. In this study, the porous corundum samples were analyzed including microstructures by scanning electron microscope (SEM), crystalline phases by X-ray diffraction (XRD) method, bulk density and porosity by Archimedes method, as well as the permeability test, etc. In the 16% corundum powder ratio, the porosity at 1300°C is 28.89%, 1400°C is 28.16%, and 1500°C is 26.44%; in the 20% corundum powder ratio, the porosity at 1300°C is 28.62%, 1400°C is 21.24%, 1500°C °C is 20.53%. The results show that the corundum green compact with solid content greater than 16 vol% can be maintained, after thermal treatment at 600 oC. After sintering at 1300 oC, the porous corundum samples can be obtained. That coincides the purpose of this study.
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