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研究生(外文):HUANG, YING-I
論文名稱:探討不同型態的環境光感應器於IoT 應用
論文名稱(外文):A study on different ambient light sensors of IoT application
外文關鍵詞:Ambient light sensorIoT
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本研究旨在探討環境光傳感器設計考慮和實現於IoT(物聯網)應用。研究專注於環境光傳感器的理論,架構設計以及影響 ALS 性能的關鍵因素。本研究包括以下領域:

1. 環境光傳感器運作原理, 並說明其對消費電子設備的重要性。
2. ALS 的類型和 ALS 傳感器的關鍵因素。
3. ALS 設計機構方面的考慮。

1. 比較 Arduino 和 ESP32 差異。
2. 設置ESP32模塊為IoT的平台 。
3. 比較不同類型的ALS 模組, 並實際量測其感光能力。
4. 將量測的數值透過IoT 物聯網應用到第 3 方ThingSpeak網站 。

通過對上述領域的研究,本研究發現photodiode ALS 對環境光偵測有誤差約為4~6%, 相對於photoresistor 與phototransistor 都有比較好的表現. 三種ALS 模組經過IoT的平台均能無線遠端傳遞資料。希望本論文能夠為在商業與消費電子產品應用, 為實現環境光傳感器於IoT應用提供研究參考。

The thesis is to focus on ambient light sensor (ALS) design consideration and ALS IoT (In-ternet of Things) implementation. The research covers working theory of ambient light sen-sor, architecture design, and key factors which will impact ALS performance. Include major topics as below:

Chapter 1 and 2 of the paper will focus on the ALS design consideration:
1. ALS sensor market trend.
2. Light and color Introduction.
3. Different types of ALS.
4. Mechanical consideration when design ALS.

Chapter 3 and chapter 4 apply the IoT application with different ALS module. Compar-ing three types of ALS modules and connect ALS module to capture the lux measurement data. Proved concept that the ALS can work with IoT web site for data transfer.
1. Compare Arduino and ESP32 modules for platform decision.
2. Set up with ESP32 module as IoT platform.
3. Capture data under different light source condition.
4. Sending the data to the 3rd party IoT ThingSpeak web site.

With the research, the photodiode ALS has the best lux measurement performance, the variation is around 4~6%, the result is better than photoresistor and phototransistor ALS. All 3 types of ALS module can transfer the data to IoT site successfully. The research can be provided for the design consideration when implementing the ALS in electronics. It also proves the ALS IoT application can be integrated with other sensor fors more applications.

1 Chapter 1 Introduction 1
1.1 Study background 1
1.2 ALS market growth 1
1.3 Thesis structure 2
1.4 Objective 2
2 Chapter 2 Literature review 4
2.1 Literature review 4
2.1.1 Energy efficient street light 4
2.1.2 Door and light control prototype using Intel Galileo based Internet of Things 4
2.1.3 An IoT-based automation system for older homes A use case for lighting system 5
2.1.4 An IoT Based Smart Lighting System Based on Human Activity 6
2.1.5 Filter less vertical integrated RGB color sensor for lighting monitor 6
2.1.6 Summary of literatures 7
2.2 ALS fundamentals 7
2.3 Color Basics 8
2.4 Color space 9
2.4.1 RGB color space 9
2.4.2 XYZ color space 10
2.5 ALS key factors 11
2.6 ALS working theory 12
2.7 Types of ALS 12
2.7.1 Photodiode sensor 12
2.7.2 Photo-resistor sensor 13
2.7.3 Phototransistor sensor 14
2.8 Digital vs analog ALS 16
2.8.1 Analog light sensor 17
2.8.2 Digital light sensor 17
2.9 Color ALS 18
2.10 Mechanical stack up 19
2.11 FOV (Field of View) 20
2.12 Window glass and ink printing transmittance 21
2.13 Placement consideration 21
2.14 Combo ALS module 22
2.15 ALS calibration 23
2.16 ALS system design with operating system 23
3 Chapter 3 Study method and material 24
3.1 Study flow 24
3.2 Experiment purpose 25
3.3 Material choice for the IoT platform 25
3.4 Photo Resistor ALS Module 26
3.4.1 LM393 Comparator 27
3.5 BH1750 Photo Diode ALS 28
3.5.1 Set up with BH1750 29
3.5.2 I2C bus on the BH1750 29
3.6 Phototransistor ALS 30
3.7 Spectral sensitivity 31
3.8 Software code implementation with the ESP32 32
3.9 IoT Site ThingSpeak.com 34
3.10 Block diagram for the IoT Set Up 36
3.11 Testing equipment 37
3.12 Experiment set up with different light source 38
4 Chapter 4 Experimental result and discussion 40
4.1 Photo Resistor ALS Lux Measurement 40
4.2 Photo Diode BH1750 ALS lux measurement 41
4.3 Phototransistor TEMT6000 ALS lux measurement 42
4.4 Comparison of the three ALS module measurement 43
4.5 Voltage detection for the ALS modules 45
4.6 ALS IoT application scenarios 48
5 Chapter 5 Conclusions and future study 50
5.1 Conclusions 50
5.2 Future study 50

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