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研究生:Aleksei Saraev
研究生(外文):Aleksei Saraev
論文名稱(外文):Marketing Strategy as a Tool of New Market Exploration: a Case Study of an International Company
指導教授(外文):Hui-O Yang
口試委員(外文):Philip Cheng-Fei TSAIHui-O Yang
外文關鍵詞:marketing strategyAuchaninternational expansionmarket explorationadaptation
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The research explores the topic of marketing strategy as a tool of new market exploration through a case study based on the expansion of corporation Auchan into the markets of Russian Federation and Spain.
The aim of this research is to investigate the volume of adaptation in Auchan marketing strategy along with the analysis of the company’s expansion into Russian and Spanish markets due to the specificity of the marketing strategy they pursued. In this case, the countries are chosen because of the great difference in consumer’s habits, range of competitors, political and economical situations during the launch of Auchan activities there. Moreover, both countries show excellent indicators for the company and are represented as important markets of activity.
The analysis demonstrates that despite the difference of markets, the mission, key values of the company and strategic goals remain the same in many ways, without any change. It has the strong accent on improving the quality of life of the citizens by offering products of decent quality for low prices. However, the case shows that in spite of the working formula, based on values which become standard for the company in retail, and similar features of segmentation and positioning, certain adaptations in terms of positioning, segmentation and marketing mix activities are implemented due to the elements of culture and economical, political obstacles of the country. Retail mix marketing activities are extremely variable: merchandise, format of the stores and the accent on different features in the shopping area depending on the country coupled with the ways of market communication differ significantly. These adaptations lead the company to success in two absolutely different countries.
Overall, standardised approach is mainly represented by the mission, values and the goals, certain elements in segmentation and positioning, and can be regarded as the formula of success, kept in both environments. Nevertheless, the role of adaptation in case of retail marketing mix activities is vital.
1. The nature of marketing and its role in market exploration......3
1.1 The origins of marketing......8
1.2 Strategic marketing vs. operational marketing in the view of market exploration......12
1.3 Marketing strategy as a vital tool for market exploration......21
2. Auchan's strategy for entering new markets......38
2.1 Key elements, main values and goals of Auchan's marketing strategy......38
2.2 Auchan's expansion into Spain: cultural environment and business context......49
2.3 Auchan's expansion into Russia: cultural environment and business context......61
3. Comparative Analysis of marketing strategies of Auchan expansion intoSpain and Russian Federation......73
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