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研究生(外文):Chien-Yeh Hsu
論文名稱(外文):Hybrid Color spatial features and Local texture features for Content-Based Trademark Retrieval
指導教授(外文):Kuo-Chin Fan
外文關鍵詞:color spatialcbirtrademarkimage retrieval
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With the increasing amount of trademarks in trademark database, one will suffer the problem in retrieving similar or counterfeit trademarks. It is very time-consuming to classify, verify and retrieve the huge amount of trademarks by human intervention. Moreover, the accuracy of classification will decline with time due to human factor.
In this thesis, we propose a trademark retrieval system by hybridizing color-spatial features and the local texture features. Firstly, preprocessing of trademark image is performed to remove unnecessary part of the white edge and retain the region of interest that we need. Normalization with scaling and shifting is also accomplished in this step. Then, divide the image into a number of regions and calculate the color mean value of each region, which is the first feature extracted of the retrieval system. The second feature is to binarize the trademark image and use two-dimensional features as local features to represent the image.
In retrieval, the user will input a query image and execute the similarity measurement by utilizing the proposed features with all the stored trademarks in the database. Since the discrimination power of shape is higher then color by experimentation, the two-dimensional characteristic region be assigned higher weight in similarity measurement.
By conducting various experiments, the accuracy of the proposed trademark retrieval system outperforms other retrieve methods. It demonstrates the feasibility and efficiency of the proposed system in trademark retrieval.
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摘要 1
目錄 3
附圖目錄 5
附表目錄 8
第1章 簡介 10
1.1 研究動機 13
1.2 相關研究 16
1.3 系統流程 19
1.4 論文架構 21
第2章 背景知識 22
第3章 商標影像前處理 26
3.1 影像尺寸及平移之正規化 26
3.2 色彩空間轉換 – 灰階 29
3.3 色彩空間轉換 – 二值化 30
第4章 特徵擷取與比對 32
4.1 色彩空間特徵 32
4.2 區域紋理特徵 34
4.3 Zernike 矩量 (Zernike Moment Measurement) 37
4.4 影像距離比對 41
4.5 相似度排序 41
第5章 實驗結果與分析 43
5.1 實驗影像(Ground Truth images) 43
5.2 實驗結果 48
5.2.1 使用Precision比較系統正確率 53
5.2.2 使用 Recall rate 比較系統正確率 58
第6章 結論與未來工作 64
6.1 結論 64
6.2 未來工作 64
參考文獻 66
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