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研究生(外文):Chun-Cheng Chen
論文名稱(外文):Patent Infringement Risks in Technology Transfer and Resulting Damages Liability under the U.S. Patent Law
指導教授(外文):Jason Tien Chou
外文關鍵詞:Patent ExhaustionPatent LitigationSubmarine PatentNon-Exclusive LicensingExclusive LicensingPrior ArtTechnology TransferIntellectual PropertyReasonable RoyaltyGeorgia-Pacific Factors
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The subject to be explored in this thesis is inspired by cause of experiences in technology transferring about Erbium Doped Optical Fiber Amplifier from Telecommunication Laboratories of Ministry of Transportation and Communications (now belong to Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.) to serviced company. Another cause is that more and more patent litigation between Taiwan and other countries (such as Japan, South Korea, U.S.A, etc.) occurred in U.S.A. The Intellectual Properties Rights (IPRs) have been paid much attention comes from the reason of U.S.A. use trade law 301 provisions to carry on the warning, revenging, and the retaliation regarding 12 overseas square deal measures, eliminate the trade barrier, especially the Specially 301 provisions is for the protection of Intellectual Properties Rights.
Since 2000, Taiwan takes the possession of 3rd or 4th in patent number list of USPTO. But equals the payment overseas option money approximately to reach 1,500 hundred million NT dollars every year, as well as right infringement harm indemnity which and legal expenses must pay because of the violation patent approximately 300 hundred million NT dollars and has the tendency which increases year after year. Taiwan not only does not have the patent quantity to obtain the considerable patent benefit, it must pay the damage compensate related money loss which, because the patent infringement produces. Why it is happened? The Nature of Taiwan obtains the patent except in the US is not to be good enough, nobody is interested, and then has the technology to transfer or outside the patent authorization motive, the enterprise does not take seriously regarding the patent authorization or the technical transferring idea has the potential risk. Therefore, in the idea only regards the patent authorization contract or the technical authorization contract with patent holder''s technical use letter of consent, have never realized the risk hides behind the contract, contains the patent infringement and meets when the circumstance change how to advocate in the hardship provision the option money to pay has the condition adjustment, sends lives many disputes the source.
The risk which this thesis attempts to discuss the technology transfer contract to schedule when must pay attention, namely must introduce the risk management by the most source''s contract clause consultation, regarding will have the possibility to cause in the future the bilateral cognition difference place and promises when is unable to worry about the circumstance, stipulates in the contract and does in advance takes refuge from danger the plan, or may reduce the nonessential conflict, will see avoid the disputes in the court.
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