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研究生(外文):Teng-Wei Hsieh
論文名稱(外文):Development of an Automated Urban Flooding Monitoring System
指導教授(外文):Yukon Chang
外文關鍵詞:Internet video streaming technologyvideo captureRTP
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In this paper, we developed an automated urban flooding monitoring system using surveillance cameras that are widely deployed in many major cities in Taiwan. This system facilitates emergency management officers to grasp flood information before, during, as well as after disaster immediately. Furthermore, we can evaluate and design disaster prevention projects using historical data produced by this system. We build our automated urban flooding monitoring system using technologies such as HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), image conversion, image enhancement, image edge detection, database design, short message service and web development. The system is able to monitor the flooding level by image detection and carry out quantitative analysis of massive images automatically. Finally, the system can send warning information by SMS and Email to disaster management personnel proactively, which will improve the automation level of existing urban flooding monitoring system.

摘要 I
Abstract II
目錄 III
表目錄 V
圖目錄 VI
第一章 緒論 1
1.1 研究背景 1
1.2 研究目的 3
第二章 文獻探討及資料收集 4
2.1文獻探討 4
2.1.1影像串流技術分析 4
2.1.2排程執行技術 5
2.1.3整合影像及資料庫 6
2.1.4影像判釋 6
2.1.5 Google Map 7
2.2 交通路口影像收集 7
第三章 系統建構 10
3.1自動排程及接收影像技術 11
3.2影像資料庫 12
3.3影像判釋方法 13
3.4網頁即時同步顯示 15
3.5關聯式資料庫 16
3.6結合Google地理資訊系統 18
3.7訊息寄送條件 20
第四章 系統測試 21
4.1影像擷取的等待回應時間 21
4.2影像畫面異常狀況對應策略 29
第五章 結論 33
參考文獻 35

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